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Our Mission

Our school motto is ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’. We all love and care for our students, and we hope that each of them will be able to carry on their lives with the ‘love-oriented spirits'.

課程發展及設計 - 兩位哈佛大學教育研究院生( 許慧娟校監及顧問 Teacher Rex  )

引進哈佛大學的 "Project Zero" 科技、創意  STEM,著重英文/中文及數、科的環節配合開心遊戲學習。

Curriculum designed by Harvard Graduate School of Education graduates - June Hui & Rex Goh

Our lesson curriculum includes hands-on experience by exploration and interaction through class discussions.

Supervisor Rex Goh ( Harvard University Graduate School- Education) introduce Project Zero into our classroom, which including  the knowledge of  STEM, Creativity, Languages with learning through play method.



We Are 

Shan King Estate Baptist Kindergarten is a non-profit kindergarten that was established by the Hong Kong Baptist Kindergarten Education in 1986.  We are located in Shan King Estate. Our kindergarten is well-appointed, with highly experienced class teacher, assistants and principal to help inspire and encourage children to build up their life long goals. It is also one of the members of  thirty five baptist kindergartens and also the only one kindergarten running the Harvard University project zero early childhood program.


我們是一所基督教學校,納入為優質教育 資助的幼稚園。

We are a Christian school under the Quality Education Scheme.

充足空間是香港最寳貴資源, 也是愉快學習的元素,因此我們採用小班教學,寧少收學生也不要學生擠擁中學習。Space is the treasure of H.K and the key element of happy school; therefore, small class lecture has been implanted.

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