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全日班:**學費 - $1,966/ x 11個月 
                **膳食費 - $744/ x 11個月 





*Application fee : $40

We are under the Quality Education Scheme

2021-22 Tuition Fee:

Half day: Free of charge  
Full day:  School tuition - 1,966/ x 11 months 
              **Lunch - $744/ x 11 months  

*    Non refundable

** Families who needs financial aid may apply for              student subsidy at Student Finance Office



Whole day students, the school would prioritize the admission to those families in need.



Students enrolled in our kindergarten (K1) must reach the age of two yr  and eight months old by September 1, 2022




Offer and transfer arrangements:
-Those who have not been offered result 

  will be candidates. If there is a vacancy in    our school, the candidates will be notified    separately.
-By deciding to change schools for       the student after registration in Jan,   please notify the school in writing. The   school will return the registration   certificate, the school will no longer

 reserve the seat for the student.

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